November 3, 2020

When a private school in New Jersey approached Walsh POE Lighting to implement a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting solution, Walsh dove into the client’s needs and what their goals were in moving toward this innovative technology.  The private school was relocating into a 25ksqft space in Clifton that had to be completely renovated in order to meet their architectural objectives.

At the school’s previous location there were no advanced lighting controls and it was not as energy efficient due to using just on/off toggle switches and older fixtures.  The school administrators were interested in lowering energy costs when they moved to a new space and using white tunable LED fixtures for improved performance at the school.  By switching to an advanced lighting control system and LED fixtures the school anticipates savings of at least 30-40% in energy costs related to their lighting system.  Tunable white LED fixtures can be set to coincide with circadian rhythms to improve the attention levels and general health of those utilizing the space.  Motion and occupancy sensors were requested to be incorporated into the design to provide energy savings on spaces that are not in use throughout the.  The smart building system also was to be connected to a lockdown protocol to turn off all lights in case of a lockdown event in the facility.

During Construction

After Construction

Walsh selected Igor’s IoT smart building platform, Nexos, due to the capabilities of the system, ease of installation, support provided by the Northeast Technology Partners and Igor team, and the cost effectiveness of the overall solution when compared to line voltage and other PoE lighting manufacturers.  Igor’s solution provides a flexible design with easy installation resulting in a cost-effective system that will allow for adaptability for the space for many years to come.  Walsh POE Lighting’s team designed the space in the spring of 2020 using the latest in Igor’s PoE technology.  By using both 60-watt and 90-watt nodes, Walsh was able to daisy chain linear fixtures, motion and occupancy sensors, wall switches and under-cabinet lighting together to minimize the number of PoE ports used on the switch.  The design includes a PoE network switch, an Intel NUC-i5 processor for the Gateway to manage the Igor software in the main distribution closet along with a CommScope Uniprise Category 6 cabling solution being run to connect the nodes and devices.

During installation, project managers John Jung and Bobby Stephenson discovered it took less than 3  minutes to field terminate a node and attach it to the LED fixtures that were selected for the project.  The commissioning and programming of the Igor system was also done by Walsh POE’s expert team at their facility in Morristown, NJ.  The team has undergone significant training from Igor to insure they were ready to meet any customer challenge that may arise.

Igor and NETP were proud to have an opportunity to work with such an innovative school, design team and support the efforts of Walsh POE Lighting as a leading partner of our solutions in the NJ market.