Best Telecommunications Solutions

Your data center is the beating heart of your business’ IT infrastructure. Even the seemingly smallest of problems in a data center can cause major problems with how your company operates and even how your building functions. At Northeast Technology Partners we have years of experience helping our clients and their contractors to develop custom data centers as well as the supporting IT infrastructure needed to meet future demands.



Power Solutions

APC is the global leader in critical power and cooling solutions for IT equipment in all vertical markets. They work within a wide range of sectors to meet the needs of every client regardless of scale or specialization. Imagine creating the ideal data center — from rack, to row, to room, to building. Our solutions can help transform your data center with reliable, expert products developed to help you maintain uptime when every minute counts.

As data centers continue to expand and evolve, a flexible design approach will help grow business quickly without excessive capital outlay or overbuilding. Data center reference design tools will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls and with adaptable, modular options it’s possible to future-proof your data center while meeting your current business goals (and budget).


APC has the broadest range of single phase and three phase uninterruptible power sources. As the world leader setting the standard for UPS quality, innovation, and support over the last 60+ years, we offer the widest range of high-quality solutions to match all needs and budgets, increasing power availability and system uptime in data centers.

Our Total Quality Management (TQM) and power service programs ensure the highest level of quality and services for the complete life cycle of your installations.

  • Modular and scalable designs
  • Flexible energy storage portfolio
  • Highly adaptable and customizable
  • Protection from damaging surges and spikes
  • High efficiency at low, medium, and high load levels
  • Ultra high availability, performance, and efficiency
  • Worldwide service specialist network

Racks and Enclosures

APC offers open framed racks and the Netshelter line of enclosed server and network cabinets for any data center requirement. They are available in a variety of sizes, heights and colors to fit each customers’ specific needs.

Rack Power Distribution

APC’s rack PDUs provide server level power availability with a variety of power metering and control options as well as environmental monitoring capability. APC offers standard configurations, configurable options and full custom PDU options for every client’s power distribution needs. 

Integrates with StruxureWare Data Center Expert

This is an IT-ready, scalable access monitoring system. It is designed to collect, organize, and distribute a wide range of critical details such as surveillance video, alerts, and other key information. It also gives you an at-a-glance dashboard of the complex physical infrastructure environments throughout the network.

Data Center Containment Solutions

The EcoAisle is an intelligent thermal containment solution designed to increase cooling system efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel. The EcoAisle system adapts to varying rack heights, aisle widths, and rack depths to support either hot or cold aisle containment. The Air Return System of the EcoAisle provides a centralized hot air return path for room based CRAC/CRAH units or external air handling systems. The optional UL723s listed Fire Safe System uses temperature sensors to drop ceiling panels in the event of a fire. EcoAisle provides a safe and efficient environment for IT equipment and personnel incorporating additional features for high efficiency LED lighting with motion detection.



Data Center Solutions

CommScope is a global leading manufacturer of data center cabling solutions including a full range of copper and fiber end to end solutions for standard and high density applications. This includes a broad range of custom data centers designed to meet a wide range of client needs.

In this dynamic and more complex environment, the role of the cabling supplier is taking on new importance. While fiber cabling may once have been seen as more of a commodity product instead of an engineered solution, that is no longer the case. With so much to know and so much at stake, suppliers have transitioned to technology partners, as important to the data center’s success as the system integrators or designers.

Pre-terminated Fiber Solutions

CommScope’s rapid deployment pre-terminated solutions accelerate the process, reduce costs and errors, and help bring your data center online in less time. We also offer a broad portfolio of fiber panels that can match your fiber density requirements. They are all key parts of our comprehensive portfolio of SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions.

InstaPATCH® 360 pre-terminated fiber cabling is built on a module-and-trunk design, making it customizable and quickly deployed for simpler migration to 40G and 100G and beyond. Broad and deep, the InstaPATCH 360 portfolio supports the fiber density you need today and the flexibility to achieve higher speeds in the future. Available with LazrSPEED® 300 (OM3), LazrSPEED 550 (OM4), LazrSPEED OM5 Wideband and TeraSPEED® OS2 fibers.

Pre-terminated Copper Solutions

New copper cable deployments can be expensive and require extensive downtime. Choosing pre-terminated solutions can go a long way toward reducing labor costs and deployment time, but not all solutions are created equal. Our SYSTIMAX® pret-erminated copper systems are world renowned because they are built with the industry’s top-performing network infrastructure. Assembled in CommScope’s factory under controlled conditions, they are factory tested and certified to perform to the highest standards.

Once delivered to your data center, the advantages multiply. By using our SYSTIMAX pre-terminated infrastructure, you significantly reduce installation time and the waste that accompanies onsite termination. InstaPATCH® Cu is CommScope’s pre-terminated system engineered to your custom specifications and part of our comprehensive structured cabling solutions. You simply decide the cable type, color, and length; termination type and configuration; and labeling. CommScope will deliver your quality assemblies ready to be easily installed and perform from day one

Optical Distribution Frames

ODFs have also come a long way since they were first developed for telco and broadcast networks. For example, ODFs can now be ganged together in a row to support over 50k fibers with a single patch cord. CommScope’s FLEX, FACT and NG4 ODFs are reflective of how far this technology has come. Mechanically these frames provide excellent front-side patch cord management and use a single-length patch cord to connect any two ports. This simplifies both inventory management and installer installation practices.

Fiber Raceway System

CommScope’s fiber raceway system, featuring FiberGuide®, have revolutionized the protection and routing of fiber. FiberGuide is the preferred choice in central offices, data centers and mobile switching centers, offering increased flexibility and reduced installation time while maintaining the proper fiber bend radius.  

Whether you’re a player focused on the edge, a hyperscale, a multi-tenant provider or a system integrator, there is plenty of room for everybody as the industry continues to grow. CommScope is always looking at what’s next and what’s at the forefront of the ever-evolving data center landscape.  

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Cable Management

Basor is a global manufacturer of cable management systems which offer a wide range of IT support infrastructure products. The wide range of options offered by Basor allow for all cable management needs in a data center from basket tray to ladder rack as well as tools to ease storage and installation of cables.  

Basorfil Wire Cable Tray

This is one of the best methods for managing cables of all types. Basorfil is available in a variety of sizes, colors and with all of the easy to use and best practices accessories for contractor installation and to insure the best performance for your cabling solution. Basor’s quick splice technology can save 30 to 40% on installation costs.

Basor Ladder Runway Systems

Telecommunication runway is an important component in a well-planned network. Basor Cable Ladder Runway is designed to support cabling systems within data center pods or throughout the data center.

Basor Roller System

This cable pulling roller system for fiber and copper cables is a versatile tool to keep cables free of sharp bends and kinks with reducing wear to cable sheathing. Rollers can be snapped-in the heavy-duty frame or removed when needed. Large 4″x4” opening can handle multiple cable bundles. 

Basor Fiber Cable Spools

Aluminum service loop spools for fiber optic cabling.  Service looping spools keep your fiber optic cables well managed and protected. We offer several sizes to fit your application.

Cable Exchange

Leading Cable Assembly Manufacturer

Cable Exchange has been a leading supplier of fiber optic and copper assemblies for voice, data and video in the United States since 1986. CommScope acquired Cable Exchange in 2017 which served to strengthen the commitment to delivering quality products, quickly and competitively priced.

Cable Exchange maintains both off the shelf and can offer custom solutions for your customer’s connectivity requirements. CEX offers a broad range of assembly products, along with inventory and factory capacity, giving Cable Exchange the ability to deliver to your customer, on-time and within budget. For high quality and fast turnaround fiber and copper patch cords and assemblies use Cable Exchange products. Cable Exchange can also offer QSFP and specialty assemblies.