No “Dead-Zone” Areas

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are just as important to smart buildings in the 21st century as cutting-edge data centers. The best smart building DAS networks use a sophisticated network of compact, overlapping antenna cellular nodes that are separate but connected to a common wireless network source.



DAS Solutions

CommScope is one of the largest global providers of Distributed Antenna Systems and in-building cellular network components. They have an extensive line of base station antennas designed to help improve network capacity. This includes densification, as well as increased efficiency, and new spectrum technology solutions.

If convergence is an evolutionary journey, then enhanced mobile broadband is the destination that justifies that journey. In many applications, that will take the shape of 5G connectivity that extends far beyond the conventional ideas of clearer mobile calls and faster refreshes on social media pages. In fact, services like 5G and IoT form the foundation for a dizzying array of new technologies, services and applications that will affect daily life at work, at home, at play and on the go.  No matter the environment or application, CommScope has a solution to meet the client’s wireless needs.  


ERA, Commscope’s digital distributed antenna system runs over category 6A copper and fiber optic cabling allowing reduced installation costs and ease of design based on the similarity to other structured cabling architecture and wireless network designs. This unique offering allows for reduced testing time and elimination of ½ inch coaxial cables that creates challenges during installation.  

Era C-RAN antenna system is built on C-RAN architecture that consolidates and simplifies distributed antenna system head-end resources and flexibly allocates capacity where and when it’s needed across the covered area through a simple drag-and-drop software interface.

CommScope’s Era C-RAN antenna system employs a network of interconnected antennas that provide users access to the wireless network. However, unlike traditional distributed antenna system solutions, CommScope’s C-RAN antenna system coordinates wireless capacity throughout a campus, office park or even a metro area from a centralized head-end location or even from operators’ existing C-RAN hubs.

Small Cell Wireless Technology

CommScope’s ONECELL® enables mobile network operators to meet the growing demand for reliable LTE service where it matters most—indoors—and easily transition to 5G services when they’re ready. The innovative cloud-RAN small cell architecture creates a single intelligent “super” cell inside commercial buildings and public spaces. No individual cell borders means no handovers or interference, just high-capacity, ultra-low latency performance, deployed over standard Ethernet LANs. Wireless operators can meet the soaring demand for mobile data—now and in the future—while offloading traffic from their macro networks. For enterprises, this translates to robust LTE and 5G deployed on standard IT infrastructure.

CBRS Newly Available

The RUCKUS CBRS portfolio consists of CBRS-band LTE access points (APs) and associated cloud services. It enables organizations to easily deploy private LTE networks to address a wide range of critical use cases that are poorly served by existing connectivity alternatives. To facilitate IT-led initiatives, a RUCKUS private LTE network can be deployed as easily as Wi-Fi—in a matter of hours or days—and managed from the cloud. The newly available infrastructure operates in the U.S. CBRS band (3550 – 3700 MHz).



Uninterrupted Power Solutions

Power is absolutely critical for maintaining a seamless DAS network. When one or more nodes or a central network station goes down due to power loss or complications caused by an unexpected power surge it can cripple even the most well-designed DAS network.

DAS networks are a critical component in your company’s infrastructure so utilizing APC enclosures and backup power solutions are a must have for any DAS network headend or server room solution.  

3 Phase and Single Phase UPS Solutions

When the power first goes down, your network has precious minutes to safely shut down key components and start the equipment backup process. No matter what size load you need to backup with the variety of options from APC’s uninterrupted power systems, you can trust that your DAS network will operate effectively for the few remaining minutes you need to complete these critical tasks.  Whether its APC’s Symmetra and Galaxy 3 phase units or the wide range of options in the Smart UPS portfolio of products, APC has a solution for every client. 

Netshelter Enclosures

APC’s Netshelters are feature-rich rack enclosures optimized for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximizing airflow.

Mixing various types of DAS equipment demands a flexible rack space for front-to-rear cable routing and hotswap component clearance. The Netshelter family of enclosures provide generous space for data and power distribution while still providing full front and rear equipment access.

Rack Power Distribution

APC is the most trusted name in PDUs.  APC’s rack mounted PDUs provide server level power availability with a variety of power metering and control options as well as environmental monitoring capability. Ranging from standard off the shelf basic, metered or switched PDUs to configurable and customizable options to meet each clients power requirements. 

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Industry Leading Cabling Management Solutions Support DAS Infrastructure

Basor is one of the most innovative, high-quality providers of cable management solutions. Their cable management products allow for the proper installation technique to maximize the performance of the cabling infrastructure supporting your DAS network.  They are proud to offer both metallic and non-metallic cabling management solutions to handle some of the most challenging IT environments.

Basorfil Wire Cable Tray

This is very popular in commercial properties, including industrial facilities, and manufacturing facilities with cabling intensive IT environments. This type of cabling system can save 30 to 70% on installation cost while also serving to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Basorplast BPE & BPI PVC Cable Tray

These are non-metallic cable trays that have been designed to handle temperatures as low as -40˚ to as high as 140˚ Fahrenheit. This makes it a great option for wet, salty, or other areas where conditions could damage or alter cabling. 

Basor Ladder Runway

Telecommunication runway is an important component in a well-planned network. Basor Cable Ladder Runway is designed to support DAS infrastructure cables in equipment rooms and pathways that connect to and support telecommunication racks or cabinets.

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Digital Electricity To Integrate 21st Century DAS Equipment

The communications industry continues to experience an insatiable demand for data capacity and higher speeds. Typically, this demand is met with solutions including network densification (indoor/outdoor), Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Distributed Radio Access Networks (DRAN), and 5G deployments. Traditional power methods do not always provide practical, economical or viable solutions to these distributed networks.

VoltServer is the leading provider of intelligent, premise-based power distribution solutions leveraging Digital Electricity™ from centralized source to distributed endpoint loads to improve customer’s essential business applications.

VoltServer’s patented and proven Digital Electricity™ (DE) solutions deliver cost-effective, high-reliability power where and when you need it.  VoltServer provides the most reliable and cost-effective remote powering solutions for 4G and 5G radios that are optimally located for coverage and capacity