Helping Build The Smartest Buildings

Small Buildings or “Intelligent Buildings” are the new wave of 21st Century IT infrastructure in action. These systems seamlessly integrate a wide range of components in your IT ecosystem for greater efficiency and ease of use. Intelligent building design allows the user to have flexible and adaptive options in their building design by utilizing POE systems for easier change management.

Northeast Technology Partners represents an extensive array of high-end smart building component manufacturers. Each has its own area of expertise, while also being versatile enough to seamlessly integrate with other systems by utilizing various sensors and POE devices.



Smart Building Infrastructure

CommScope has long been a leader in these enterprise communication infrastructure solutions all over the world, and, in the process of developing and receiving feedback, we see three consistent needs emerging as enterprises embrace the efficiencies of intelligent buildings: 

  1. The need for mobile connectivity within the enterprise, as fewer employees are bound to desks but need ubiquitous wireless coverage 
  2. The need to lay a future-ready infrastructure foundation for the still-evolving, ever-growing internet of things (IoT) 
  3. The need to converge many disparate or proprietary networks onto a single, unified IP over Ethernet physical network layer

Universal Connectivity Grid

A newly established design practice called the universal connectivity grid (UCG) evolves the concept of zone cabling by dividing the usable floor space into a grid of evenly sized service areas, or cells. A consolidation point is located within each cell, providing maximum flexibility for connecting, adding and moving devices. Both new construction and retrofits are ideal opportunities for deploying a uniform infrastructure like the UCG. Adoption of the UCG approach means that moves, adds, changes and upgrades are greatly simplified—requiring less material and labor and reducing OpEx over the life of the installation. In addition, these modifications require less disruption of the workspace, minimizing negative impact on employee productivity when deploying or reconfiguring services. 

Uniprise and SYSTIMAX copper and fiber network solutions provide the flexibility needed to achieve a UCG design for today’s and future network applications. 

Converged Network Solutions

Networking applications and technologies—like 2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and HDBaseT—are continuously evolving. Yet, their evolution is bringing them all closer to a single converged infrastructure. As this convergence becomes more pronounced, new opportunities emerge to integrate real estate, IT and building management and facilities applications into a single, simplified network infrastructure running on twisted-pair copper cabling—Ethernet cabling. 

Uniprise and SYSTIMAX copper and fiber structured cabling solutions are the best option available today for any budget and any performance application you may need. 

Smart Building DAS From CommScope

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is an integrated part of all commercial office and smart buildings. They employ a sophisticated network of separated, yet overlapping antenna nodes that are connected to a common source to provide wireless service to a building or across a commercial property.  These antennas can be powered via POE cabling systems making installation and testing simplified in comparison to legacy DAS systems.  

CommScope’s ERA platform of DAS products runs over a structured cabling system for simple installation and reduced labor costs compared to legacy DAS systems.  

CommScope provides you with globally leading systems and infrastructure that empower intelligent buildings to host more productive, efficient enterprises. The diversity of applications is vast, and growing by the day— adding new possibilities, efficiencies and benefits. To take advantage, an enterprise must adopt an agile, flexible, scalable strategy that maximizes the number of ways intelligent building systems can be added or integrated, while minimizing the initial and ongoing cost structures.



Power Distribution & Device Surge Protection

Power distribution and device protection from electrical surges and other power abnormalities play a critical role in helping maintain a building’s energy efficiency and smooth operation. Especially when you consider many of the high-value electric devices that play critical roles in building infrastructure today and in the future.

Energy Efficiency & Protection From Partnering With APC

Northeast Technology Partners’ is proud to represent APC as the global leading manufacturer of  power distribution systems, surge protection devices and dedicated software to maintain and monitor your power infrastructure across your entire building portfolio. 

EcoStruxure Software

EcoStruxure IT is APC’s next generation of IoT connected software and services, and collects data from all your connected devices across your distributed or hybrid IT environment. EcoStruxure IT Expert monitors and protects your critical equipment, providing 24/7 visibility through live data, smart alarming, and data-driven insights on the health of your connected assets directly to your smartphone. EcoStruxure IT Expert synthesizes performance and alarming data into proactive recommendations, and enables secure, wherever-you-go visibility and control.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Single Phase Smart UPS are the leading industry solution for intelligent and efficient network power protection from entry level to scalable runtime. Ideal UPS for servers, point-of-sale, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.  Lithium Ion battery options available for longer warranties, lightweight and smaller footprint.

Edge Computing Solutions

The IoT involves collecting data from various sensors and devices and applying algorithms to the data to glean insights that deliver business benefits. Industries ranging from manufacturing, utility distribution, traffic management to retail, medical and even education are making use of the technology to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, improve security and operations, and enrich the end user experience, to name a few benefits.

Many IoT applications rely on cloud-based resources for compute power, data storage and application intelligence that yields business insights. However, it’s often not optimal to send all the data generated by sensors and devices directly to the cloud, for reasons that generally come down to bandwidth, latency and regulatory requirements.

Utilizing APC’s micro data center products along with Netbotz security and monitoring equipment allows clients to implement secure IT equipment installations in the Edge environment.

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Cabling Management Solutions Reduce Installation Costs

Cable management is a key component to any network cabling solution in a smart building installation.  Proper cable management is necessary due to the additional low voltage cables utilized in a POE smart building environment. .With more cabling systems required to support the Universal Connectivity Grid in ceilings of buildings, managing those installations make for a critical component of any smart building cabling installation.  

Basorfil Wire Cable Tray

This is one of the best cable management systems in the world. It is particularly popular in commercial properties, industrial facilities, and manufacturing plants of all kinds. This type of cabling system can save 30 to 70% on installation cost while also serving to reduce long-term maintenance costs.

Basor Ladder Runway Systems

Telecommunication runway is an important component in a well-planned network. Basor Cable Ladder Runway is designed to support telecommunication cables in equipment rooms and pathways that connect to and support telecommunication racks or cabinets.

Basor J Hook Supports

These come in a wide array of options, sizes, materials and flame ratings for any cable management need. 

Basorplast BPE & BPI PVC Cable Tray

These are non-metallic cable trays that have been designed to handle temperatures as low as -40˚ to as high as 140˚ Fahrenheit. This is one of the best cable management options to use where shock hazards are a serious concern. They tend to be most prevalent in sites that are wet, salty or there are other harmful environmental risks at play.

Basor’s wide variety of cable management solutions provide clients with many innovative options to smartly manage your network cabling. 

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VoltServer’s patented Digital Electricity™ represents a whole new way to distribute power in a smart building.  It is designed to be very flexible by utilizing POE systems that are easier to get close to difficult installation locations for devices mounted in ceilings where line voltage power is more challenging to implement. Digital Electricity™ systems installed into smart buildings are very resilient with centralized back-up for public safety. 

Digital Electricity™ system solutions by VoltServer are expandable as well as scalable. This lets you expand the system at the speed of your business for a smart building that truly grows with you throughout the lifecycle of your building.

Digital Electricity benefits include:

  • Highly efficient power delivery with very small building footprint
  • Rapid deployment and flexibility to change
  • No conduit
  • Lower install cost
  • Centralized, policy-controlled back-up for ‘critical’ loads
  • Immediate ROI