August 1, 2016

CommScope has introduced a go-to resource for planning and designing data centers. The Connected and Efficient Data Center eBook – available for download here – includes tips and insights to demystify technology and untangle the complexities in building data centers.

The eBook covers 10 subjects, providing a holistic view of data center design and challenges along the way. Chapter topics include:

  • Data center standards
  • Multi Tenant data centers (MTDC)
  • Higher-speed migration
  • Data center architecture
  • Multi-source agreements
  • Fiber selection
  • Optical distribution frames
  • Fiber TAPs: Designing your data center for real time application monitoring
  • Data center infrastructure management (DCIM):the holistic approach to managing the entire data center
  • Automated infrastructure management(AIM):comprehensive end-to-end physical layer management

For more information regarding data center design contact your NETP representative or send a request for information to