ONECELL® is CommScope’s award-winning indoor small cell solution. It utilizes a Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture to create a single cell across multiple radios for improved performance and simplified deployment. ONECELL® is designed to service medium-sized to large buildings with high capacity and excellent performance.


CommScope’s ONECELL® illustrates how small cells are evolving to help operators better support wireless users indoors. Using a unique C-RAN architecture,  ONECELL® connects multiple distributed radio points via standard Ethernet cabling to a centralized baseband controller.

LTE scheduling takes place in the baseband controller, creating a single physical cell ID across all radio points. This eliminates border interference and the need for handovers within the coverage area.

ONECELL® also employs sophisticated coordination across radio points, enabling simultaneous re-use of physical resource blocks (PRB) in different parts of the building. This increases spectral efficiency and system capacity.

This Youtube video from CommScope explains the advantages of ONECELL® and how it can help companies and buildings migrate to 5G while still supporting current 4G applications.

ONECELL® from CommScope lets enterprises and property owners take control of their in-building cellular experience. This small cell solution delivers a clear, reliable signal throughout buildings—even during intense usage surges. High-quality coverage can be extended to adjacent outdoor spaces such as courtyards and parking lots.  Download this informative brochure.

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