March 1, 2019

Igor 60W Node Options

The Igor Node is the hardware that provides the data connectivity and power distribution architecture to create a fully functioning Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) building control system.

Features include:
• 60W capacity
• Daisy chain multiple nodes to maximize ports
• Powers and controls attached devices
• Manufacturer-agnostic
• Easy controls, dashboards, and commissioning
• Easy and efficient installation
• UL 924 Certified Version available for Emergency lighting

Linear Node

The Igor Linear Node (90w capacity) is the latest generation hardware with new features in addition to existing features from the Rev. 5 Node.

Additional Features include:
• Connects to 100W PoE ports (IEEE 802.3bt) with 90W capabilities
• Industry-first USB connection
• Linear form factor for better fit options
• UL 924 Certified version available for Emergency lighting

Please contact your NETP sales representative for additional information.