June 26, 2018

CommScope offers many fiber shelves and frames that apply to different applications. Choosing the correct type for a specific application can sometimes be challenging. So, let’s try to simplify the process.

For pre-term solutions that mostly apply to switched and server racks in the Data Center, the correct shelves to use are the HD and UD. These two shelves are optimized to house the SYSTIMAX MPO modules and provide you with the required density, cable and jumper management.

For a large MDA in a data center, which will house thousands of fibers and that requires moves-adds-changes, as well as excellent jumpers management, the best solutions is the ODF (Optical Distribution Frames), like the NG4 and the FACT frames.

For terminations in a building TR, the best solution is the CommScope SD shelf. This shelf has the right density for the TR, and allows the installer to terminate the fiber with our epoxy polished connectors (EZ), our crimp connectors (Qwik II), or (and this is where the SD shelf shines) splicing. The SD shelf will take adapters and spools for connector terminations, and a splicing cassette for connector or splicing terminations. Select the cassette either with or without pigtails.

SYSTIMAX HD-xU-SP also offers a splicing option, by using G2 cassettes or adapters with the splice racetrack along with the splice wallets/Rollo splice trays. The SD splicing solution is much easier to order, install, and maintain. It requires only two components – shelves and splicing cassettes. Grounding kits and/or rack mount brackets should also be included if an armored fiber cable is used.

For large splicing applications, such as entrance rooms (or meet me rooms), the EHD shelves can be used. These shelves can provide solutions for up to 576 splicing to LC pigtails in a 4U shelf, and support stranded as well as ribbon fibers.

For additional information contact your local NETP sales representative.