APC by Schneider Electric has released another industry innovation.  APC releases their Rack PDU Advanced Series of power distribution units for fast flexible deployments with client challenges in mind.  Features include:

  • First 4 in 1 combination outlet design which includes C13/C15/C19/C21 on every PDU for flexibility when end equipment is still being determined
  • High Density between 40 to 48 outlets and 34.6kw of power on each PDU to allow for utilizing 1 PDU vs 2 in the back of cabinets and racks
  • Flexible mounting methods to allow for this single wide PDU to be mounted facing out, or front or back for maximizing rack depth with larger equipment
  • Management options you ask for?  Well APC has them in metered, switched, outlet metering in the new 10000 series of PDUs and all with dual network management cards that are hot swappable

Check out this video for additional detail about this new PDU product offering – now available from APC!


NETP’s website has the latest PDU Pocket Guide to download for quick PDU selection criteria.  Click here to download the new tool!  Contact your local NETP sales representative for additional information.