May 9, 2017

Every 60 seconds, the world downloads more than 38 hours of music on Spotify, streams nearly 70,000 hours of Netflix video and sends 150 million emails. This isn’t news, anymore—it’s your day-to-day reality.

There are numerous migration paths from current network speeds to the higher speeds you’ll need in the future. They all use a different mix of technologies, speeds and standards. Your infrastructure must be able to support all of them. To do that, it must be:

  • Agile and flexible: Integrate easily into your existing network environment while seamlessly adapting to new applications and unforeseen future changes
  • High density and low loss: Keep the growing fiber network manageable without compromising the signal performance required to support higher lane speeds
  • Cloud-friendly and scalable: Support capacity planning and deployment as well as strategies to reduce cost and complexity in the network

The answer isn’t just higher-speed fiber, more adaptable connectors or better patching and splicing solutions. It’s all of them—engineered in concert and working together to deliver speed, simplicity and savings. Checkout this whitepaper for CommScope Systimax solutions to solve this ongoing challenge.