Igor’s Nexos IoT platform was developed and is successful at executing POE lighting but that is only one application that can be implemented using one converged smart building network and platform.  Igor’s Nexos IoT platform of hardware and software can provide a centralized network infrastructure to bring  so many existing and developing technologies to the buildings of today and tomorrow.


Applications to achieve energy efficiency are becoming common in today’s building designs – things such as HVAC controls, motion sensors for energy efficiency, shade controls, conference room planning are here today.  Security protocols to assist first responders with things such as people counting, motion sensors, gunshot detection technologies are becoming more common in implementation.  Buildings of the future may now require people tracking for capacity limitations, touch free control panels, thermal monitoring security,  contact tracing, air purification, beacons and buzzers for alerts, improved data collection and audit trails to document information, sanitization controls and audit tracking.

The world is changing faster than ever, and Igor Technologies can provide a tested  platform to converge all of these applications into one flexible and adaptable Nexos IoT solution design.  Whether you need assistance with healthcare, education, retail, hospitality or commercial office it is time to look for an intelligent building solution.  It is time to consider Igor Technologies.

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