March 12, 2018

Ventev Infrastructure has very innovative and reliable enclosures to protect or hide your wireless access points and antennas.  Whether your application is to hide or minimize visibility of an indoor antenna or if it is to protect an access point outside in the elements, Ventev has a solution for you.  Here are a few examples of some of the unique enclosures with some of the features and benefits of each.

For conference rooms or areas where you do not want an antenna hanging from the ceiling or wall.  Utilize this junction box enclosure which includes a directional antenna and will blend in like any other wall face plate.

In healthcare environments or areas where you want to mount an antenna in the ceiling, using this polycarbonate box with a flip down door for easy access to the antenna allows for a lighterweight and flexible alternative for Day 2 maintenance.

For outdoor applications, you can utilize a variety of NEMA 4X enclosures which can be mounted just about anywhere to protect your equipment from the weather as well as have it secured in a tamperproof environment.


Contact your local NETP representative for additional information.