March 5, 2018

CommScope is leading the way in wireless technology with the new Era C-RAN antenna solution.

The vast majority of mobile data traffic occurs indoors, where operator networks struggle to reach. This means sluggish data and dropped calls.

An in-building wireless solution like a distributed antenna system (DAS) helps, but in a sprawling campus or office park, the high cost and large footprint of dedicated operator base stations and DAS head-end equipment can make the economics of the solution challenging.

This is precisely why we created the Era C-RAN antenna system. Era coordinates wireless capacity throughout the entire coverage area via a single centralized head-end location or from an operator’s existing C-RAN hub.

This all-digital C-RAN architecture reduces the physical head-end “footprint” by as much as 90 percent, for major space, power and cost savings. It also allows much more efficient signal transport, often enabling it to share existing fiber with other services, and reducing fiber costs by up to 88 percent. Era’s capacity routing can adjust wireless capacity throughout a campus, office park or even a metro area, shifting capacity from one building to another, one floor to another, and even to individual remotes through a web-based, drag and drop interface.

Era features a new family of carrier access points (CAPs) that offer a range of power levels, copper and fiber connectivity, power over Category 6A cable and embedded MIMO support. Outdoor and plenum ratings allow deployment virtually anywhere.

For additional information please contact your local NETP representative.