LEED from USGBCenergy certification is the most commonly implemented energy efficiency program in the construction industry today.  Igor’s Nexos is an IoT building platform that incorporates hardware, software and cloud analytics to enable smart and secure buildings.  Utilizing Nexos combined with an open API to integrate various technologies allows a client to implement one integrated network technology to simplify energy efficiency and improve the quality of the building experience.  Implementing DC Power strategies into your building space makes a significant impact on your buildings energy usage and efficiency and the more technologies you power with DC, the more savings and LEED credits you will be eligible to secure.

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WELL Building Standardswell certification are the industry leading guidelines for the construction industry to implement to advance health and well-being in buildings globally.  Where as LEED focuses on energy efficiency and the environment, WELL focuses on employee health and improving the quality of workspace for the employees which in today’s labor environment will benefit the employer and companies whom put employees first!

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NETP and Igor Technologies are excited to assist in educating and discussing LEED and WELL opportunities utilizing our technology.  Please contact your NETP representative for additional information and download these overview documents from our website.