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1405, 2020

Igor Technologies for Intelligent Buildings is Flexible and Adaptable to a Changing World

May 14, 2020|Product Updates|

Igor’s Nexos IoT platform was developed and is successful at executing POE lighting but that is only one application that can be implemented using one converged smart building network and platform.  Igor’s Nexos IoT platform of hardware and software can provide a centralized network infrastructure to bring  so many existing and developing technologies to the buildings of today and tomorrow.   Applications to achieve energy [...]

705, 2020

Basor Introduces a New Submittal Builder Tool for Cable Management Products – Volume 2

May 7, 2020|Product Updates|

Basor US has introduced a new tool to build out PDF submittal files right on their website with easy drop down selection and conversion to an email or downloadable file with all of your project needs for cable management products.  You can utilize this tool once for a project or time after time for your ongoing project needs.  Please check out the Basor Submittal tool [...]

1604, 2020

Basor Blast & Tools for Cable Management Projects – Volume 1

April 16, 2020|Product Updates|

Basor has created some additional tools and will be releasing a series of Basor Blast videos that are accessible on our NETP YouTube channel for your ease of reference.  The first one of the series is included for you to view below. Basor has developed a Jhook Cross Reference for ease of use for specification and crossing.  Basor has abundant Jhook inventory in their warehouses ready [...]

904, 2020

Webinar Recording on Igor’s Software Capabilities

April 9, 2020|Product Updates|

Igor Founder Dwight Stewart goes through the key components of Igor’s software capabilities in controlling POE lighting and IoT devices for an intelligent building.  Dwight focuses on the ease of configuration of the system utilizing the software, the open API and the analytics capabilities through the cloud portal.  This 30 minute webinar gives you an excellent concept of Igor’s software capabilities. Check out [...]

3003, 2020

APC Overrun Inventory Available at Discounted Prices

March 30, 2020|Product Updates|

APC has some overrun inventory that can be used at the Edge for quick installs that may be occurring to power remote offices currently.  APC has a broad range of products, some of the key high inventory items are included here but if you don’t see what you need, please contact your NETP representative to find what else is available. PDUs AP8865REDX667 – Same as [...]

2503, 2020
  • CommScope logo 2011

CommScope Offers Free Training Courses from Infrastructure Academy

March 25, 2020|Product Updates|

CommScope recognizes that the COVID-19 virus has impacted many of our customers and partners.  We also recognize that many people are restricted to working from home.  We are happy to announce that we are making most of our on-line training available for FREE for the next 60 days.  We want to reduce the financial burden on our customers and partners while providing access to the [...]

2303, 2020

NETP Team Ready and Available to Assist our Customers

March 23, 2020|Product Updates|

March 23, 2020 Hello to our customers and colleagues, NETP wants to let you all know we are thinking of all of our friends and colleagues during these changing and challenging times.  Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to everyone at NETP.  We are experiencing unprecedented events on a daily basis and we are all facing the uncertainty that the coming days [...]

1510, 2019

CommScope Solution Reference Guides Updated

October 15, 2019|Product Updates|

October 15, 2019 Please visit NETP’s Tools section of the website for the latest Systimax and Uniprise Solution Reference Sheets.  These great easy to use tools make specifying and using CommScope products a snap.  Download these sheets today and keep them handy for the next cabling opportunity you have! Please contact your NETP sales representative for additional information.

310, 2019

CommScope Introduces Qwik Fuse Splice On Connectors and Tool Kits for Easy Fiber Termination

October 3, 2019|Product Updates|

October 3, 2019 CommScope now has available another fiber connector option in the Qwik Fuse product line.  Qwik Fuse is a splice on connector defined as when you bond field fiber to factory-terminated fiber stub using a fusion splice inside connector.  This connector type is proven to have numerous performance and installation advantages.  CommScope has developed the comparison chart below to allow you to evaluate [...]

1408, 2019

APC Introduces NetShelter WX Wall Mount Cabinets

August 14, 2019|Product Updates|

August 14, 2019 APC has released a variety of NetShelter Wall Mount Cabinets for IT needs where space is limited.  Options are available in a variety of depths and heights as well as with vented and glass door options.  The Wall Mounts have all of the features of a full size NetShelter in a smaller package. Check out this information on the product options and [...]

1707, 2019

APC Smart UPS now available up to 3kva with SmartConnect

July 17, 2019|Product Updates|

July 17, 2019 APC is releasing their SmartUPS with a SmartConnect remote monitoring connection in their UPS units ranging in size from 750va up to 3kva units.  By purchasing and installing a SmartUPS with SmartConnect your unit will provide: Proactive Notifications - Connected Smart-UPS™ routinely provides proactive UPS life-cycle recommendations, helping maximize the life span of your UPS, giving you the most for your investment. [...]

207, 2019

APC Solutions for Retail and Small Office Environments

July 2, 2019|Product Updates|

July 2, 2019 APC has developed a solution to provide power and server storage in a sound proof, secure cabinet solution for those clients who have no IDF closet space or no closet at all.  The Netshelter CX solution can even be preconfigured and shipped to the location ready to roll into place and plug in for start up.  This easy to implement and space [...]

2305, 2019

Now available from APC – Ceiling Mounted Cooling Units

May 23, 2019|Product Updates|

May 23, 2019 APC has just announced small ceiling mount cooling units ideal for IDF closet requirements or data center hot spots.             Units are available in both 6kw and 12kw versions and can be maintained easily on site.  Inventory is now available in the US for these cooling solutions, and here's a few functionality and availability highlights. EcoStruxure™ Ready [...]

1904, 2019

CommScope Completion of ARRIS Acquisition

April 19, 2019|Product Updates|

April 19, 2019 CommScope Set to Shape Communications Connectivity and Networks of the Future with Completion of ARRIS Acquisition   CommScope has completed its acquisition of ARRIS International plc. Combined with ARRIS, CommScope is expected to drive profitable growth in new markets and shape the future of wired and wireless communications. With the completion of this transaction, CommScope will be better positioned to benefit from long-term [...]

904, 2019

APC Continues to Expand Lithium Ion UPS Offering

April 9, 2019|Product Updates|

April 9, 2019 APC Introduces a 750va Lithium Ion UPS Available Now Features of the 750va Lithium Ion unit: Only 2 rack units required Only 12.5 in deep – can be wall mounted for retail and medical office environments 30% lighter than a traditional UPS using lead batteries Extended battery life 10 years vs lead battery of 5 years Extended battery warranty of 5 years [...]

304, 2019

The Next Phase of Liquid Cooling

April 3, 2019|Product Updates|

April 3, 2019 Motivair's CDU Featured in NREL Study Motivair Cooling Solutions’ Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) was featured in a recent National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Fixed Cold Plate study. Aquila, as part of a partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, deployed its fixed cold plate, liquid-cooled Aquarius rack solution for HPC clustering at NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF). “This study highlights the role Motivair [...]

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